The biggest task we’ve embrace on this project is to be able to change the mentality in the field of metalworking, something we strongly believe due to a large experience and knowledge on the part of its founders. SIREWELDING is guided by a philosophy which is primarily aimed at quality, efficiency and effectiveness in the production / execution of all types of works and services in the area of metalworking.


Our vision is to be market leader in metalworking, offering greater production and quality of products and services, with a reduced costs and execution time, compared to the current market. For this, we rely on the collaboration of several professionals who are committed to their daily training, and the training of new employees, since skilled labor is the greatest wealth of our project.


The SIREWELDING team consists of specialized elements, able to match all their customer needs, both in relation to welding processes and industrial pipes, as in administration and quality  assurance. We also seek new partners in order to research and develop new products, materials and techniques in order to find new sustainable solutions in the execution of tasks and services.

Policy and Service Quality

Our company is prepared to always offer an intelligent and economical solution for those who need to reform or build. We always try to establish a transparent relationship with our customers, making ourselves ever available to answer any doubts.